Exploring short film creation in UE4. Virtual Cinematography is fun!


Marshmellow Handstand


Music, visuals and handstand by me. Made in Houdini with Kinect cameras


Dot Dancer


Music, visuals and dancing by me. Made in Houdini with Kinect Cameras




This piece is from the Amelie soundtrack. It’s called Comptine d’un Autre été (“Lullaby of another summer”) by Yann Tiersen 


Peaceful Push


Grooving through the clouds


Flow Dome


Musical physics playground. Made in Unity


Floating Colors


I started learning a bit of TouchDesigner awhile ago and made these soft floating sound blobs react to the lovely voice of Mree. I synced up a midi track from Ableton Live to the endless array of parameters available in TD. This combination of audio and visual tools seems to hold so many possibilities. So much to learn!