Exploring short film creation in UE4. Virtual Cinematography is fun!


Marshmellow Handstand


Music, visuals and handstand by me. Made in Houdini with Kinect cameras


Dot Dancer


Music, visuals and dancing by me. Made in Houdini with Kinect Cameras




This piece is from the Amelie soundtrack. It’s called Comptine d’un Autre été (“Lullaby of another summer”) by Yann Tiersen 


Peaceful Push


Grooving through the clouds


Flow Dome


Musical physics playground. Made in Unity


Sound Cube


Geometrical sound sculptures in the middle of the ocean?! Read More


Floating Colors


I started learning a bit of TouchDesigner awhile ago and made these soft floating sound blobs react to the lovely voice of Mree. I synced up a midi track from Ableton Live to the endless array of parameters available in TD. This combination of audio and visual tools seems to hold so many possibilities. So much to learn!


Blast from the Past


I stumbled upon this old tune that I worked on with Judah Kim at Berklee College of Music in 2003. It was my first “Producer” project in the Music Production and Engineering program. Still sounds good to my ears!

Sweet After Effects visualizer template from Andrin Rehmann


Float Land VR


More experiments in VR Music land….this time in a more cheerful setting.


VR Space Music Experiments


My initial experiments that explore visualizing and playing music in VR. These are also my first efforts to learn programming and 3D art in Unity. Fun stuff!


Grain Monkey


What does a monkey trapped in a 5th dimensional time warp sound like? A granular synth of course! In this experiment, I mapped a variety of realtime audio parameters to various ball-monkey impacts. I also created some blend-shapes in Blender (for the 1st time ever) as a way to visualize the change. The 1st version of this prototype actually used conventional sliders to achieve a similar affect but its so much more fun to blast and strafe your way to interesting sounds. Perhaps a more robust version of this could be a semi-legitimate way to design sounds in VR?


My First Push Jam


I recently purchased some really cool live music toys. The Ableton Push 2, Novation Launch Control XL and the Korg KP3 Kaos Pad. The main goal is to remove myself from the laptop so that I can focus on jamming and making music. The problem with point-and-click style production on a laptop is that it’s tedious and totally uninspiring. There are no happy accidents. These innovative new devices feel more like actual instruments than just midi controllers. Read More




In my continuing quest to learn about Cinema 4D, I began playing with animation and physics being controlled by music. There are a nearly infinite number of ways to achieve these audio-visual synchronizations. Unfortunately my computer is just barely strong enough to try out some basic tests. To take this much further, I will need a stronger newer machine. Nonetheless, this was fun and has encouraged me to keep exploring.


360 Beach


My 2nd test with spherical video. This time with a ridiculous fireball! Read More


Paper Dreams


Made almost entirely of paper sounds I recorded.




Experimenting with the depth camera of the early Kinect Prototype (Natal).






Music Machine


An experiment in musical synchronization in Adobe Flash. Inspired by Animusic Pipe Dreams.


Wwise Interactive Music Demo


An interactive music and sound demonstration in Wwise.

This accompanied an unreleased playable demo for Microsoft Kinect.


Kitchen Beats


When food foley finds its groove.


Musical Simon Pong


Prototyping a “Simon-Says vs. Pong” music game idea in Adobe Flash.